Tomorrow is mine and my boyfriend’s 4 year anniversary! I know, it’s a lifetime! But in honor of him and our relationship, I thought I would dedicate a blog to him.

Aaron and I met in high school, he was a Sophomore and I a Freshman. We were both coxswains on our school’s crew team. We went on a few dates before he actually got up the nerve to actually ask if we could label ourselves as “in a relationship”. Now, four years later, here we are getting ready to celebrate that day that he called me. In May, we will be moving into an apartment together and we both decided this is our trial year; this will either make us or break us. I have confidence that it will make us, we understand each other too well.

So, Aaron, happy 4 years! xoxo



This is my cat Gomez…

As you can see the poor thing is a little cross-eyed (he is blind in one eye).

 He is also asthmatic so he wheezes a lot, but he is the nicest cat EVER! I love him to death, and I think the wheezing gives him character. Sometime Iwill put up a video of him wheezing; it’s especially funny when he purrs because it’s a wheeze mixed with a purr. It sounds kind of like owl “who-ing”.


Hello! I have never blogged before (except for a small photography blog for my photo class, but that doesn’t count). I follow a few blogs and I decided that it might be fun to make my own. I want to use it to talk about books, art, photography, etc. I’m an Anthropology major so I will probably have some things pertaining to that as well.

I will be putting a better post up soon with something actually interesting on it!